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Safety Comes First

RENT A UTV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES offers professionally guided Polaris UTV rental packages. You will drive a model Polaris Rental Unit, as our Lead Vehicle guides you through 10,000 acres of awesome trails. Explore THE LAS VEGAS EXCITING SAND DUNES IN THE DARK! Our Polaris UTV / ATV rentals are family, friendly and designed to be safe, fun and exciting for everyone! Safety is our number one priority and we won’t tolerate unsafe riding behavior. We want to protect our customers and our equipment. So, rules are strictly enforced by our staff. A signed waiver is required before your thrill ride begins!


Age Requirement for Primary Driver / Renter

ALL OFF-ROAD VEHICLES: Minimum age of 18+ years old to drive
● A valid state-issued Driver’s License and a Non- refundable or Transferable  Reservation Fee are required to save your spot.
● All Drivers / Passengers must sign a Rental & Release of Liability Agreement. A legal Parent / Guardian must sign for Passengers under the age of 18.
● All Drivers must be at least 60 inches tall
● Unsafe operation or misuse of UTV’s / ATV’s may cause serious bodily injury or death. All Drivers must be in good physical & mental health. You will not be permitted to Drive if you are pregnant or have ANY MEDICAL CONDITION that may impair your judgement or ability to safely operate our rental equipment.


Drivers suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or certain types of prescribed medication will not be permitted to drive.


● Front Passengers must be at least 60” inches tall.
● Rear Passengers must be at least 46” inches tall.
● Traveling over rugged terrain can expose the body to jolting directional forces. You will not be permitted to ride as a passenger If you are pregnant or have ANY MEDICAL CONDITION that may impair your ability to safely ride as a passenger.
● Combined weight of all drivers and passengers may not exceed the manufacturers recommended weight limitations for the rental unit.


We highly recommend wearing appropriate riding attire. A UTV / ATV can radiate heat from engine and drive-train components. Radiated heat can quickly become unpleasant against bare skin. Additionally, outdoor environments can often present an additional layer of challenges from wildlife and vegetation. Wearing tank tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, open sandals, or other attire that directly exposes your skin to the elements is NOT advisable. SUMMER: At minimum, long sleeved tops, rugged jeans, and over-the-ankle style boots / shoes are highly recommended during May-September. WINTER: Expect strong high winds & cool breeze! Jeans, Long sleeves, boots of ankle covering, Coats or Jackets, Hoodies, head coverings or hats & gloves are 100% recommended during October - April. 


A helmet and eye protection are provided with every rental for no additional cost. We encourage you to bring optional riding gloves, sun block, water bottles, etc..


PLEASE DO NOT show up without a reservation! Walk-in’s are NOT ACCEPTED. You can easily reserve online 24/7 by clicking on the “BOOK NOW” button or calling (702) 266-0966 during our normal business hours 8AM -4PM Pacific Time. Bookings must be pre-paid to reserve your rental slot.


YOU MUST ARRIVE ON TIME. If you cancel your Tour day of your scheduled date -cancellations will not receive ANY REFUNDS OR FURTHER ACCOMMODATIONS. Once any tour is confirmed & final  payment has been received- Refunds are NOT permitted under any circumstance. Prior tour day cancellations you will NOT receive a refund for your non refundable deposit. This policy is strictly enforced!  We follow our moral Code of Accountability- Late arrivals will result to time deducted from your time slot. After 30mins late, your Tour reservation will be forfeit -canceled with No refund; No Exceptions. If you arrive 30-minutes late after your departure time you will forfeit your rental slot. You will not be refunded. You will not be rescheduled. You will not be compensated in any way. We will not compromise or negotiate with you. Cancellations ARE NOT permitted and being late is not tolerated. Even in instances of inclement weather or Flight delays. So, please make sure that you check the weather before you book online and show up at the time of your appointment. We apologize in advance, but there are no exceptions to this rule. A late rental party can create a domino effect that can significantly throw off our entire rental schedule for the day. We will not ruin everyone else’s scheduled bookings, because of one group showing up late or missing their appointment.


Contact us by phone or email at least 72-hours PRIOR to your scheduled departure. We check emails and listen to voicemail every day. We will make every attempt to accommodate your request, but cannot guarantee availability. Reservations can ONLY be rescheduled once. If you book within the 72-hour window, you will not be permitted to reschedule your reservation. You can contact us at or call us at (702) 266-0966.


We do our best to fulfill every reservation, but unfortunately we cannot absolutely GUARANTEE a reservation. Mechanical malfunctions, rental accidents, software glitches causing over-bookings and other unforeseen events can sometimes cause
rental unit shortages. These kind of unforeseen events can occur at any time before you arrive. YOU WILL NOT be held responsible if management is forced to cancel your reservation. In this instance, YOU will have the option to either re-schedule or receive a complete refund if paid directly through us.

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